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6 Photography Poses in Less than 1 Minute

We all have been there…..you are taking pictures of your children and you are stuck on what you want them to do – not to mention trying to get them to cooperate with them taking pictures.  Sometimes it is hard to get good pictures because you are not sure what to do.  I got you […]

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I’m Elaine
I am a professional photographer of 15+ years and I love all things photography!  I am here to give you tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you with your photography journey.



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How to get Real Smiles from your Children We all have experienced this one way or another.  Your child is playing and you want to capture that perfect picture smile and you pulled out your camera and now your child won’t smile.  You beg them, plead with them, bribe them with candy or ice cream, […]

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What are Lightroom Presets and why you should be using them? We all have been there, you have captured an amazing photo with great composition, beautiful scenery, and a gorgeous subject, but it is missing a little something……like some of the best elements such as the colors, brightness, sharpness and more.  You want your pictures to […]

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